East London electro-band Trannequin is a three-piece set-up comprising of Trannequin (vocals), Johnny Switch (vocals) and Peter Dixon (producer).

Through their music and their performance, they tell the story of a forbidden love; the love of a straight man (Johnny Switch), for a mannequin (Trannequin) who appears to be female, but may - or may not - be in the pre- (or post-) op stages of a female-to-male (or, male-to-female) transformation. This stage of uncertainty can be seen in what is likely to be their set-opener, Post-Op Pre-Op.

Popular music has historically tackled many taboos in its brief history, but few acts have been as brave as Trannequin in facing the strict moral codes and hypocrisy that are inherently rooted in contemporary approaches to gender norms and sexual mores. Trannequin seeks not to mock or ridicule those who feel that they must hide their love, but to hold a mirror up to our po-faced society and ask them serious, compelling questions, such as the catchy-yet-challenging Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?


For more information about Trannequin, and how to book them, just email JJ Konrad.

"Look at that, some tranny gay band!"
East London taxi driver

"It's not natural!"
Bluu bar manager

"Fantastic! Trannequin has a stage presence like no other front figure."
Neon Dreams Magazine

"Trannequin, it's Johnny here so how are you doing? Loved that time, dancing at the disco. Call me back, and maybe we'll go shopping. Waste your time, this could be something special!"
Johnny Switch

Trannequin likes Oktoberfest

Trannequin likes a light switch

Trannequin likes a nuclear shelter ventilation shaft

Trannequin likes a pedestrian crossing

14th June 2011: Club Fandango @ Bull & Gate, Kentish Town.
5 with flyer. Click here for full gig details and flyers

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Pete, Trannequin and Johnny